Over the course of my, still relatively short, life span I have been interested in many things. When I was little I wanted to be a ballet dancer. For a long time after that it was boys and clothes, with a long running interest in the written word bubbling away in the background. GCSE RE introduced me to Buddhism and orientalism, and through that, conversely, to Christianity and the big three Theistic faiths. Then I found semiotics at college, and worked the two interests together looking at symbol and mythology in religion, which spilled over into the role of myth in sociology.
I didn’t really want to go to Uni, but then I got into Cambridge, and while I was there I loved bits of my Theology course, but was never passionate about it. Instead, I got really passionate about rowing, and drinking, and found out so much about my friends, who were so different to those I’d grown up with, and that was great. I did an international development research project in Bangladesh in 2008, which taught me about research, which was fun and heart-breaking at the same time. In my last year I started getting into politics, nominally through a politics and religion course I did; this, not having grown up in a political home, was a learning curve.
Over the last two years, I’ve got into running too, rediscovered a love for ballet, continued to row, started reading properly again, and also discovered that I sort of like watching films more than I like going clubbing. Working in research has taught me so much about different industries; I know that I love doing social projects, comms projects, concept and brand development, typologies and large scale quant segmentation. I don’t like FSCG, technology or media research. I love behavioural economics.
I’m developing my understanding of the history and geography of politics, and through moonlighting with Age Uk and dabbling with writing some position papers for a London mayoral candidate I’m learning about the practical applications of policy and charity.
But what do I want to do? I’m fed up with being ok at a lot of things. Ideally of course I’d like to be good at lots of things, but in lieu of that I feel like I need to focus in and actually “apply myself” (in the words of my GCSE Maths teacher – horrible man). Hopefully writing it down makes it more real and seemingly more achievable, and although the point of this blog isn’t for anyone to read it but to push myself to work at formulating opinions and ideas, this is a good place to start..


About daniverrall
Researcher. Rower. Angry politico. I like shoes.

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